Institutional Scam…


I may be writing this piece when most of my fellow Kenyans have suffered serious defraud in the hands of an institution that ought to have been there to serve them satisfactorily in the first place. From where I sit, absurdity cannot cease knocking with the realization of exploitation from institutions whose names seem to bear a national outlook. With my little insight on matters administration, management and service delivery, a company, institution, organization or parastatal which bears the name tag “Kenya” in its given name(s) should be in the forefront in championing for satisfactory service delivery to its clientele cum citizens. I mean, all the services from such, should be with a lot of honesty and high levels of integrity coupled up with other soft skills. The touch, the feel and the identity that should accompany such a name should be exceptionally moving. Patriotic, I guess. Unfortunately, that is not the case with most if not all institutions bearing such name tags in Kenya. I regret that most of the institutions bearing such a name tag are the notorious proponents of graft in this lovely nation. When you walk into their offices, of course with high level of expectations on service, it is almost certain that after all is said and done; you are most likely to walk out disillusioned. Yeah, you read it just right, disillusioned!

Enough of the digression let me now get to the real ordeal here. Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited, is the company on the spotlight this month. Apparently, these guys have a way of manipulating your electric meter to read any bill that they deem fit.This is to suit their budgetary scam for a particular period of time. Reasons for such scams are best known to them. Have you ever been surprised by an outrageous outstanding bill for one particular period of time? I mean seriously outrageous! What action did you take? Did you just pay the bill and moved on? Well if you did, chances are that such inflation on your meter bill will be recurrent henceforth. If after payment of such outrageous bill your bills subsequently reverted to normality, then you better count yourself one lucky individual.

Just a few days ago, I happened to be a prey on KPLC’s scam list. May be in their minds I was just some dimwit who would easily succumb to their bait. They were wrong! Apparently, I use the prepaid meter. For a prepaid, there is a standing monthly charge of Ksh 150, so every month, when I am buying my tokens for electricity use; I must factor in the standing charge. I have kept up to date with their standing charge to the point that I could just buy tokens even without the current units running out just for the sake of paying the standing charge. I even did that last month. So on Friday the 3rd of February 2017, I went to buy tokens for this month and at the same time pay for the monthly standing charge. Guess what? Sure, you guessed it right. The cashier told me that I could not buy tokens since my account had run into arrears of Ksh 4000.  That I had to regularize my account first by paying the ksh 4000 arrears is when I would be able to purchase tokens. How? I asked myself silently as I walked away from the teller to allow others to be served.

I just went straight home that day. At the back of my mind, I knew the company was on the verge to defraud me. I promised myself not to give them that satisfaction. Not then! I went into my archives containing the collection of my monthly bill receipts. I compiled all KPLC receipts and kept them ready for a fight for justice the next Monday.  On Monday the 6th of February 2017, I went back, queued as usual, posing as one who wanted to purchase electricity units. Only, that day I disguised myself as a mystery shopper. When it was my turn to be served, I handed the cashier my meter number and the cash and requested for whatever amount of units going for the same amount I wanted to purchase on Friday. This time I was served by a lady. To confirm my ingrained doubts on the discrepancies in the arrears, the lady confirmed to me that my account had gone into arrears. Only this time it was not in Ksh 4000 arrears as I was informed two days earlier but Ksh 2200 arrears. What could you make of such inconsistency? I know, the amounts quoted herein may sound petty cash to some. What if the defraud of the same amount was successful on 1000 people? It wouldn’t be petty cash anymore, right? I went to their customer care’s desk and innocently raised my complain and I was referred to the person in charge of the prepaid services at that particular branch.

Let me cut to the chase, the person in charge just had a glance of a single receipt out of the pile I had carried.  He also saw a face ready to fight for justice at whatever cost and then, by a click of a button, he reset my account and informed me to just proceed and purchase the units of whatever amount. I went back to the teller and voila! My account had no arrears and I comfortably bought tokens for this month and paid the standing charge comfortably.

In short, this is not about me, because I knew this scam on me was going to stall at one point without me being a victim of fraud from KPLC. This is about my fellow Kenyans who are working tirelessly to make ends meet. This is about that person who struggles to put food on the table for his family. This is about that person who would rather do without electricity but have something for dinner for his kids. How does it feel for such an institution like KPLC to defraud such an individual? After pulling the scam through and meeting the scam targets, how does it feel? Is the satisfaction orgasmic? Make me understand. I urge my fellow countrymen to be very vigilant on such fraudulent acts carried by KPLC. Next time, don’t just be gullible. Piece of advice, if on average your household has been using electricity bill not exceeding Ksh 700 per month, do not accept anything outrageous say like Ksh 17000 from KPLC. Fight for your rights! And for Kenya Power and Lighting Company, I beseech you to be fair, honest and demand only what is rightfully yours. I am out!

Restore Sanity in Our Places Of Worship….

We all sin. We all sin differently. We get punished and reprimanded. We get punished and reprimanded differently. Mama would warn sometimes and cane sometimes. If you prescribe to the holy book, the Bible, King Ahab’s blood was licked by the dogs at the pool where harlots bathed.

Uzzah was struck by the wrath of the Living God for his irreverent act of touching the Holy Ark of the covenant. I should not judge, I will not judge. I will just blind my eyes from my sinful ways. In the story of Uzzah  2nd Samuel 6:1-8. Affronts to the Holiness of God yielded His holy wrath upon a benevolent wrongdoer. I picture these vain politicians as modern day Uzzah oblivious of the high voltage of God’s holy wrath. When most of them open their mouths to speak for whatever reason, they spit vile, disgraceful, loathsome and offensive words to the level of a dragon spewing fire with the motive of devouring its enemy. The words from our politician’s mouths are what propagate ethnic hatred among Kenyans. Worse still, they have taken their errant behaviors to places of worship. Should we fault them for the latter? Maybe, maybe not. We need to first fault ourselves and the clergy because we have chosen to entertain them in our places of worship, whereas at the back of our sane minds we know very well that after all is said, no words of love, compassion, forgiveness and humility would emerge from their mouths.

Enough of the digression, politics is dirty and it is good dirt if only kept outside consecrated places. Stepping on holy pulpits and speaking vile words, planting blighted seeds and mock-kneeling on Godly podiums is treading on the footsteps of Uzzah about God. Margaret Wanjiru rebuking other Nairobi gubernatorial contenders on the pulpit in Jesus name!!! Below the belt! High octane politics is fast approaching.

My take, holy places, temples, churches, mosques shouldn’t condone these modern day Uzzahs, not even their harambee contributions. No front seats. No red carpets. When they come to our places of worship, they are not invited guests. They are sinners, just like us members of the congregation who have come to atone and repent of our sins and inequities. Unfortunately, in the contemporary world, we have got it all wrong and twisted. Even in churches, greed and the gospel of prosperity has taken center stage, such that these politicians have remained darlings to our churches. Greed for material possession and the evil of conformity overrides on the true Christian values which were left with us by Christ Himself. Things have changed. As long as the church can receive handouts and goodies from these politicians, they remain most welcomed, worse is, we tend to turn our eyes away even if the handouts, goodies are from the proceeds of crime such as corruption, looting and the likes. I rest it!

The Underground Upcoming Lakeside Hip-Hop Star who poses a Threat to Rabbit King Kaka and The Entire Kaka Empire.

Fred Obadha a.k.a DaWarlord Magwagwa of Magwagwa Unit

Fred Obadha a.k.a DaWarlord Magwagwa of Magwagwa Unit

If you thought that at this point in time (precisely in the 21st Century) Kenya’s recording artiste’s rivalry and/or biff is something of the past, then you better think again because you might just be wrong. The recent gossip in the Lakeside city of Kisumu has it that there has been bad blood and brewing rivalry and biff between Rabbit King Kaka of the Kaka empire and the Underground Upcoming Lakeside Hip-Hop Star Fred Obadha a.k.a Fred DaWarlord Magwagwa of the Magwagwa Unit.

This gossip which was initially just being implicitly mentioned on the streets and corridors of Kisumu city and regarded as mere rumor without any basis, took turn of events and proved to be real. It later evolved and left many mouths agape and eventually the talk about the same heightened in Kisumu City. I was then compelled to move out of my comfort zone to start digging on the same. And voila!!! Guess what I figured out. I sussed out that this story overlapped from being the usual mere gossip and baseless rumors to being true.

According to my sources, apparently there has been that bad blood and rivalry between Kennedy Ombima, 28, alias Rabbit King Kaka (the owner and lead recording artiste of Kaka Empire ) and Kisumu’s 25 years old Underground Hip-Hop rapper Fred DaWarlord Magwagwa of Magwagwa Unit for approximately two years now. Kennedy Ombima popularly known by the stage name King Kaka, made his first album debut named ‘Tales of Kaka Sungura’with 17 tracks way back in 2008. Rabbit King Kaka who is regarded as the King of Spoken Word and a proficient Poet in the industry has been credited for hits such as: Jam Nakam feat Oddinary, Dodoma, Dreams, Prodigal Son, Staki Kukuona, Mtu Hivi Hivi, Kaza Moyo feat Dan Bwenyenye, Kiwewe feat Bwenyenye, Nakuchukia feat Sudi Boy, Bangaiza, Uko Sure feat Man Njoro, Nishazoea, Siku Za Kitambo feat Mesel, , Ligi Soo Remix feat Various Artists,Haiwessmake feat Chess, Uko Tu Sawa, Yesterdays, Swahili Shakespeare, Adisia, Punguza, Bado Nakupenda feat Safari Sound Band, Kafiri feat Kanana,Kichinjio, Twende feat Sudi Boy, Leta, Baadaye feat Amos and Josh, Promised Land feat recent Tusker Project Fame’s runners up Amos and Josh, Njoo feat Rich Mavoko  among other hits.

On the other hand, Fred DaWarlord Magwagwa, C.E.O and founder of the Lakeside Hip-Hop label ‘Magwagwa Unit’ is regarded as Kisumu’s number one rap chaplain. Believe me you when I say that DaWarlord is surely a force to reckon with in the Hip-Hop industry. He is regarded as the next big name in the industry. DaWarlord created quite a buzz last year here in the Lakeside City of Kisumu after, He out of nowhere injected himself on to the industries’ battlefield to go head to head, take down and tear Rabbit King Kaka who he claimed looked down and underestimated the entire Kisumu recording artistes’ talents.  DaWarlord Magwaga whose role models are the likes of Kalamashaka and the Ukoo Flani Mau Mau, has done some good Hip-Hop stuff such as: Nai Robbery feat X-Ray Black, Escatology feat Logical Truth, Lafam, X- Ray Black,Big Mitch Cypher feat Needah, Felly Fel, Logical Truth, X-Ray Black and Lafam,Piss Kwa Throne, Ongea na you feat Logical Truth, Doxology, Closed Shavefeat ojiji, #Karcass-Kichinjio reply Listen (Spoken word) among others

Apparently, DaWarlord accuses Rabbit of starting the biff between them as a result of Rabbit’s big ego and conceit. Fred argues that Rabbit looked down upon the entire Kisumu crew when they travelled to Nairobi for some show some years back. He, Fred got pissed by Rabbit’s pride and opted to do his track Piss Kwa Throne” (just after the Nairobi show). He opines that ‘Piss Kwa Throne’ was not a diss track per se, but rather a revelation and an emphasis that even the Kisumu crew (though still upcoming) could still make it big in the showbiz industry and that the Kisumu recording artistes were ripe, up to the task and ready to flex their skills with anyone who thought otherwise. Rabbit having misinterpreted the objective of the song “Piss Kwa Throne” by DaWarlord, chose to jot down his diss track #Kichinjio. If you are Rabbit’s fan, I guess you have always wondered who the target of the track #Kichinjio was. Well, thank me later because now you know who the target was. On the other hand, I dare wager my life to reiterate that it was never skyrocketing to discern that #Kichinjio, (whose video was directed by Thome) was a diss track and was targeting some artist. If you have not had a glimpse on the video then you can follow it on the following YouTube link:

If you have watched the video and also heard the audio of the song but you still got doubts, reservations and concerns that may hinder you from rating the song #Kichinjio as a diss track then keenly read through the following lyrics:

Rabbit Kaka Sungush #KichinjioLyrics

(Unasmile nini?
Yoo Unajua wasee wamekuwa wakitake my kindness for weakness sana
Buda! Hamnijui Nicca!)

Wanasema niko juu kama kamba ya kujinyonga/
chokosh na glue kwa hizi streets mi kinyonga/
Mi ndo referee bado ,utanipa kwa mechi /
Chocha ka Adebayor na foot works za Messi /
Hizo list zenu sijui 1,2,3 Vigetti,
Oya pulse nili#*#*# wekeni pia hiyo kwa gazeti/
Mnamapunch lines mi nina mathaolines ,mamili lines/
Ndani ya KQ KLM mfike safe na Mololine/
Niko na promoter huku,tunakungoja ucurtain raise/
Mr . Tall Dark Chocholate madem nawarum & raise/
Elimu nusu sawa bure,wasanii enda shule/
Old boy na buy sahani ndo nyi mkule/
Msijali kuna wasanii wako tu ivooo/
Ata wapewe Ten ntachukua one wabaki na zero /
(Huyu Rabbit sio Hip Hop,niliona akidance kwa video na Sudi) /
Meanwhile niko na C.E.O’s naSign contracts na suti/
Endeleni kubonga ,talk is cheap bei ilipanda juzi/
Namake mabrown ka mapointi,mnakula green na mambuzi/
Nilianzanga zamaniii kama album ya Ice Prince/
madem wananitamani ,sorry nyi ni expense/
when it comes to my money,niko na experience/
So Moi alichoma ivory Uhunye drugs kwa ocean/
Obako alichoma picha,mi nachoma musicians/
Hawa manew comers wanaona ni right wanitaje/
We pata maretweets ndiyo ngoma itambe/
Nitajeni , itawapea views,ata mi ningejitaja/
Wanaskia napewa deals wanaanza kukaza rasa/
Hamkuskia na Fareed,mafi itagganda!/
Sazile mnaandika kwa choo za kanjo ati nani was here’ /
Unless wamepaka rangi ,nitafuteni kamiti au inda/
Career zao ziko on hold kama mshuto kwa meeting/
Nawaiba roho,version ya John Kiriamiti!
Hatushindani na kama mnataka tushinde pia ntashinda/
I mean mi hushinda kwa billboard ,kwa bank na t.v/
Una ngoma moja mdundo update your CV/
Mi nina ngoma na Wyclef,produced by Avicii/
Hauwezi itwa king hata ukibuy my kiti/
Inaitwa basics za business napanga rappers kwa hit list/
Na bado mnaendelea kutake my kindness for weakness/
Mkiniona in public kama ngotha mjifiche/
Unless uko na low cut ntawapa maupper cut/
Bado nastay fresh kama nyanya ngware soko/
Hauna Kiswahili,labda ulipe poko/
Huko ushago ni nguvu,huku tao ni akili/
Na ngoma za Kenya huku mjini haziskizwi/
Mna videos mbaya mnashare nione teaser/
buda!, Mi huongea na ghost ya Esir/
na mwache kunibite mi staki mahickie/
Mi mstaight sio homo,unless ni female mcees /
Quick recovery to my girl Wangeci
Nilicoachiwa na Bobby Ogolla ,who else? Morinho/
Hizi mvua ngoma mnatoa ,haziwezi itwa Elnino/
Mungu anisamehe kwa vile mi ni kichwa ngumu/
Naomba watoi wangu ,wasikue watundu/
Nabeba deed ,flag ,torch na map ya Eastlando/
Kupendwa hadi bongo ,kaa mtoto wa dando/
Walenje ka kinde zimesundwa kwa koti/
Addicted to doh supper ni ugali na noti/
Mind state ya Chandaria na njaa ya Bill gates/
Niko na mafans wanaweza lipa six times kwa gate/
Boss tumia akili,Wachana na ndom/
Wanastop kuendelea Ka njoti condom/
Big up to Mrs Mbero, Isich ilinilea/
K south,K shaka ,Klepto Endelea /
Kabla nikuje kwa hizi tv ,radio zenu nilikula ndula/
Nani ananilinda ohh Papa Shirandula/
Na ndoto niko nazo ziuextend hadi mchana/
Bila upepo ,ngoma zinaspread kama mtama/
Nawapa K.O ya mwisho kama Robert Wangila
Endeni mnireport kama Robert Nagila/
Unadhani tuko on the same boat,niko na life jacket/
Na ninalipa tax boss hauko kwa my braket/
Big up kwa mapirate kwa kuspread my song/
Siku izi top artists,niko ndani kaa thong/
Oya Behave, King Kaka Niko Bie/
Leo Professor Jay Kesho Collabo Sarkodie/
Schedule yangu tight uliza my P.A /
Mistari niko nazo Top Striker E.A/
UG pale Capital ,Rwanda ,TZ /
Wacha hata niwachie hapo KIZEE!

Enough of the digression, DaWarlord on the other hand felt affronted by Rabbit’s #Kichinjio diss track which he (DaWarlord) admits was wholly targeting him. Just to highlight a few lines which he holds targeted him directly:

Hizo list zenu sijui 1,2,3 Vigetti,
Oya pulse nili#*#*# wekeni pia hiyo kwa gazeti/
Mnamapunch lines mi nina mathaolines ,mamili lines/
Ndani ya KQ KLM mfike safe na Mololine/
Niko na promoter huku,tunakungoja ucurtain raise/

We pata maretweets ndiyo ngoma itambe/
Nitajeni , itawapea views,ata mi ningejitaja/

Una ngoma moja mdundo update your CV/
Mi nina ngoma na Wyclef,produced by Avicii/
Hauwezi itwa king hata ukibuy my kiti/

Huko ushago ni nguvu,huku tao ni akili/
Na ngoma za Kenya huku mjini haziskizwi/

Niko na mafans wanaweza lipa six times kwa gate/
Boss tumia akili,Wachana na ndom/

DaWarlord having felt affronted by #Kichinjio did not take the diss from Rabbit Lightly. He says he was then left with no choice but to do a reply to#Kichinjio, so he went ahead and recorded his diss track and he named it#Karcass- kichinjio reply. You can find and download #Karcass-Kichinjio reply and many more of DaWarlord Magwagwa’s songs on If you keenly study the above highlighted lines from the excerpt of #Kichinjio you’ll realize that Rabbit mentioned the word mdundo referring to You can also find and download the controversial Piss Kwa Throne’ and many more of DaWarlord’s perfectly organized lyrics and tracks

In addition, below is the lyric of the diss track #Karcass-Kichinjio replywhich DaWarlord emphasizes targeted Rabbit King Kaka of the Kaka Empire:

DaWarlord’s #Karcass- Kichinjio Reply

Ulidhani ntaget scared ukikam hard na gay looks/Rap chaplain glory is upon me hujasoma book of Luke/Nakucheki kwa vision balls zako hanged on top of my roofs/Yo beef naistack niongezee taste ya yo bile juice/So haturap ju ya fame  na dough wat!!!/Drugs guns na hoes nigga basi f the shows!!! Enda u channel hoe/Bests mcee niko deeper than u tuna ejaculate vitu ziko juicer than u/Huyu kijana ….amepasuka msamba/Si ulikam begging na bado sai unaji gamba/Ka we ni goliath mini david nawatch bathing woman/Ndo tama ya kukumurda iongezeke nitoe sacrifice ya human/Kaunafanya stunts na jean vini paz ananiretweet./Nani fisi kuitisha punani kwa binti uget between/Ukiganda mavi tuliganda makamasi kwa brain/Tulibreakiwa balls hatuball sa hatuskizi no pain/Hawa ma fememcee haondo kipaji unalea/Au unawork on their menstrual blood example moja ni Leah/Kanilithreatn god who are you don’t dare/So ninja we ni fragile acha nikuhandle with care/Mess na mi ntakula yo intestine ka iko raw/Nlisurvive snake bite so mina hit belt n below/Unang’ang’ania crown na tuko field naget victry/Tag of war hautaweza ata ukam na six fingers za hrithik(roshan)/Neva accepted your apolgiz ju unaslim na citric/Labda ni bite middle finger ndo ujue mini critic/Sijai kua fresh ju hiphop haijaioga 4 six weeks/N hiyo pen haitai bleed ju hauna balls atautumie bic/Mini MONSTER energy yangu uisha kwa mic/Kanibattle lets do it ka lebo ya nike/Nguvu ya moshadha na wika nayo mjini wewe/Kaza moyo ju bado nakam kukupa kiwewe/Mwere, 97 mina poxy tours za lwanda magere/Niki do this 4 love ulikua unadance kengekenge…/Haukujua nlizaliwa buda akiwa na cancer ya postrate/10 Months kwa uterus nab ado madha anamenstruate/Venye nlikuharibia ulijificha kwa madha ukimasturbate/Mindo master bet ur lyf bado utagenerate mo hate/Ok lemme teach u with yo mothas tangue/Omera tang attark ka jonjore ma Pakistan/Ka okiluoro lwar to iran an ahingo nyaka jackie chan/Yo cant rap in yo venac yo whack/Orthodox kwa mind nakunyonga na rosary/Tangu usare net kwa nywele unadhani unaongeza callory/Red bull niko charged na energy ya battery/Hii ni homicide, ntakuserve na kichwa ya yo family/Weni walking corpse na ushawekwa kwa orbituaries/Utakujaje kwa war na rungu kama artillery/Naile story ya betty si ilikua dem wangu vallary/Huwezi nishinda ata ukam na nambass ka tyranny/……

Kawee ni man enough, ntakufeed cactus,/Si unajua mjinga weni karcass,/Kuma nina ntakumurder chapchap,/Kaka alafu nikufeed my plakas…./Kawee ni man enough ntakufeed cactus,/Sunajua mjinga weni karcass,/Man enough ntakumurder chapchap,/Kaka sunajua weni karcass/

Warload!!! Na hii mraa nimeshinda maze!!!

I am sure you are wondering how and why Rabbit who has already made it to the limelight chose to pick rivalry and a biff with Fred DaWarlord Magwagwa who is just an upcoming artist. Well, you are not alone, everyone who has heard the story of the biff between the two, always wonder. In conclusion, I hold it that Rabbit’s choice to pick a biff against Fred DaWarlord rings a bell and echoes my previous point that DaWarlord is dope and He is the next big name in the Kenyan showbiz industry. Rabbit King Kaka is very good as well and as he always puts it ‘Rabbit anarule animal kingdom, si siri.’ But again, when another king is born and in the looming, the reigning king must feel insecure and threatened of his throne, besides, his entire dynasty must feel shaken and restless. You remember the story of King Herod’s reactions when he heard the news about baby Jesus’ birth? I see the same scenario here.  Since DaWarlord is a force to reckon with and the next big name in Kenya’s Hip-Hop industry, I guess Rabbit’s sense of insecurity is guaranteed.


Kenyan Gospel Music, Gospel Or not



willy paul Willy-PaulThe Kenyan Media in the recent past achieved one of its fundamental mandates, “Agenda Setting” in the Kenyan context. They set the ball rolling and allowed Kenyans to air their opinions on the agendum “the contemporary Kenyan gospel music industry”. The agendum took several social media platforms by storm in recent weeks. Some Kenyans aired disappointments, others aired contentment and still others aired non-committal and opted to play a balance on the continuum scale of the issue.

To also take my stance, I digress, Gospel means Good News in the Christianity context. To that end, the focal point in any gospel work, be it artistry, sermons, et cetera should be hinged to the good news about God’s enduring love for the race of humanity, that saw him give his only son to die for sinful mankind on the cross, so that whosoever believeth in him does not perish but is guaranteed everlasting life. (John 3:16) Whosoever believeth is saved, redeemed from sin and filled by the Holy Spirit. Emphasis, I bet should be on the price Jesus paid on the cross to save mankind from sin. It should be condensed progressively from God’s unwavering love, to the blood price on the cross, and finally to the power of the Holy Spirit witnessed on the day of Pentecost. That is the good news to be precise. There is no gamble. There is no middle ground. Just that, period!

I guess that is enough of the digression. In the contemporary Kenyan gospel music industry, things have been turned upside down and the industry is so defiled and diluted with much activities borrowed from the secular industry. The gospel music industry is in absolute chaos. There is a very thin negligible line between the gospel music industry, the socially moral music and the secular music industries. In fact the artists themselves have chosen to deliberately despise the true meaning of gospel music and have gone ahead to incorporate most of the secular stuff in their ‘gospel songs’. Most of these songs have high levels of idolatry (the replacement of God’s position with another person or item, giving glory to another person or item other than the Almighty God. To substantiate my argument, take for instance the following: Mama by Bahati, Mamangu by Willy Paul, Exponential Potential by Juliani, Si Siri by Juliani feat Jua Cali, Tam Tam Remix by Willy Paul feat Size 8 among others. The category of socially moral songs with the blanket cover of gospel are in themselves numerous. Some examples include: Rudi Nyumbani by B.M.F, Utawala by Juliani, Visa (visanga) by Bahati, Rauka by Juliani, Bahasha ya Ocampo by Juliani feat Jaya among others, they are considered the hot cakes in this perverse generation by these artists. These so called modern perverted gospel artists normally have humble beginnings. However, when they get to the limelight and acquire fame and money, they drastically shift gears and their drive and motivation transforms from ministering the gospel of Christ to entirely accumulating wealth. Their practices loudly echo the cliché “the end justifies the means”.

On the other hand however, not all hope is lost in the Kenyan gospel music industry. We still got a handful of true ministers of the gospel. I have to commend the likes of Florence Mureithi, Sarah Kiarie, Doudou Manengu, Man Ingwe, Eunice Njeri, Tumaini, Marion Shako, Paul Mwai and Erasto for the job well done in trying to build the Kingdom of God. Despite the fact that most of their counterparts (the likes of B.M.F, Willy Paul, M.O.G, Juliani, Ecko Dida, Bahati, Jimmy Gait, Pitson, Kris Eeh Baba, Roughtone, Daddy Owen, etc.) have chosen to be cynical with much conceit and on the verge to accumulate wealth through hypocrisy and deception, the former cohort has stuck to its guns to continually minister and reach out to souls through the gospel of Christ in music.

I am not any perfect yes; on the other hand I am also not blind to see the happenings around me in the name of gospel music industry. It is not sky rocket science to understand that Kenyan gospel music is skewing to negativity and it is becoming unpalatable, despicable and highly offensive to the Kingdom of God. It is for a fact that most of the current Kenyan gospel music do not resonate with the teachings and standards clearly spelled out in the Holy Bible. The gospel of Christ knows neither history nor future, it knows no indigenous, traditional, archaic nor modern. It knows no antique, démodé nor style, swag, trend nor fashion. It is the same yesterday, today and forever. To that effect, trying to transform just to fit in the society is total blasphemy and in contrary to the words spelled out in the Holy Bible (Romans 12:2, Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is…..His good, pleasing and perfect will NIV.) (1 John 2:15-16, Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them. For everything in the world…the lust of the eyes and the pride of life…comes not from the Father but from the world. NIV)

You realized I only managed to mention a handful of individuals that I regard as having stuck to the divine calling into the ministry of Christ to minister the good news through gospel music. I might not have exhausted the entire list of individuals that are out to serve God in truth and in spirit through music. I wish I had exhausted the whole list. Unfortunately, whenever I try to align all these individual’s music vis a vis the standards set for us by the word of God in the Holy bible to try and discern gospel music from the rest of the genres, my list ends up getting thinner. I mean I run out of names.

I am aware of the fact that my arguments in this article are in predisposition to exhibit varied reactions from the artists themselves, their fans and or critics. Just to make it clear and straight, I do not have any personal vendetta, prejudice or hatred against any of the purported gospel artists. Furthermore, I do not know any of these artists at personal levels. However, I felt it was high time the truth be revealed and made known to the gullible masses. And if the truth is already revealed and known to the masses but no one is ready to step out boldly and speak about it, then I just did. Whatever crap we listen to with the label and tag of gospel music from the likes of Willy Paul aka Msafi is NOT GOSPEL. It is something next to socially moral music and secular music. Some of his singles like Lala Salama even overlaps to the genre of a dirge. The devil and his dark forces have held the music industry hostage over the years and used the strongest shackles to chain the artists. Since music (whatever genre) influences the masses, the dark kingdom has relentlessly propagated its sinisterly, dark and evil motives to the masses using music as the medium. The masses in most cases subconsciously consume these stuffs without knowing.

In my opinion, I think Juliani has got talent. I mean real talent, the same to Willy Paul Msafi. But I also feel the duo is not using their talents appropriately in building the kingdom of God. Their current styles best resonates with the secular world. We are certain that talent is God given, and it is only upon the talented individual to decide what Kingdom he/she wants to serve. I mean, imagine the current style of Juliani or Willy Paul’s doing secular stuff. I wager you would agree with me that they would do perfectly well. If it is money and fame (because their current styles are not of ministering the gospel) they are looking for, then secular music is their right place, not gospel. They would have much money and fame at their disposal than they have ever imagined just in a blink of an eye. I know Juliani himself got a past in secular/socially moral hardcore hip-hop where he started his music career with the Ukoo Flani, Mau Mau on the famous Dandora Burning album. I know he might have encountered personal challenges and wanted to grow and make it big on his own. That is not wrong. I know Willy Paul on the other hand, started on the right foot when they did the famous Sitolia together with Gloria Muliro. What is the point that I am trying to put across? Here is my point of argument: I may be oblivious of what really motivated these guys to start doing the type of genre they are doing right now with the deceiving tag of ‘gospel music’. However, I bet they could do perfectly well in the secular music industry with the type of music they are currently doing. That is not to say that I wish to decide for them what genre they really should do. That is now entirely upon them to decide. However, a free piece of advice for them to consider: In case they want to stick to the tag ‘gospel music artists’ then they should consider diversifying their style to augur well with the true meaning of gospel outlined in the Holy Bible.

Conversion Therapy

Though my societal cultural norms n values conditioned me to feel affronted by any sexual orientation other than the ‘straight‘, I feel it is high time we get acquiesced, accept and fully embrace our counterparts regardless of their sexual orientations, who they choose to love and how they choose live their lives. Our role should just to offer them unconditional offer to their sexuality. They are our brothers and sisters and they got lives to live. To that end I support the US president @BarrackObama in supporting the ban on‪”Conversion‬ Therapy‬. Trying to change or cure someone of their gender identity just to counter societal pressures in order to fit within the system is not just futile,unethical,inhumane but also very dangerous. Coercion of such a sinisterly practice on the LGBT groups recently led to the suicide of a transgender teenager Leelah Alcorn.

Exonerate Our Deputy President, His Excellency William Samoei Ruto

Hon. RutoIt is approximately seven (7) straight years since the release of Kenya’s Commission of Inquiry on Post-Election Violence (CIPEV) report, famously known as the Waki’s Commission’s report, which was chaired by Kenya’s court of appeal Judge, Philip Waki. The report saw the naming and the labeling of six (6) Kenyans as the masterminds and the perpetrators of Kenyan 2007-2008 post-election violence (PEV). The six suspects, known colloquially as the “Ocampo six” were indicted by the ICC’s Pre-Trial Chamber II on 8 March 2011 and summoned to appear before the Court. The suspects included former Deputy Prime Minister and current President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, former Industrialisation Minister and former Orange Democratic Movement chairman, Henry Kosgey, former Education Minister and current Deputy President William Samoei Ruto, Former Cabinet Secretary Francis Muthaura, Kass radio executive Joshua Arap Sang and former police commissioner General Mohammed Hussein Ali. It is estimated that more than 1,333 lost their lives, more than 350,000 were internally displaced and that 117,216 private and 491 government- owned properties were destroyed and vandalized during such skirmishes (Peter Ruirie, Business Post February 2013 issue). I dare not question the credibility of the findings of the then report but my concern is just that almost a decade later the then name-calling and finger-pointing has sabotaged and rapidly slowed down genuine national healing and reconciliation among the major Kenyan communities. This is despite the Government’s formation of institutions that were to spearhead national healing, integration and cohesion among Kenyans. An institution such as the National Integration and Cohesion Commission (NICC) is one of such institutions whose formation was triggered by the 2007-2008 PEV. The onset of the case at The Hague in 2011 has since inhibited varied reactions and opinions from the Kenyan communities. The case has witnessed several transitions since its commencement in March 2011. Such transitions include; first, the replacement of the former Argentine ICC Prosecutor Louis Moreno Ocampo (who was the initial prosecutor of the Kenyan 2007-2008 PEV case at the ICC) with the Gambian lawyer Fatou Bensouda. Second, the case also witnessed the first phase of exculpation of the first three Kenyans named in the Waki report. Thirdly but rather finally, is the interesting recent exoneration of the current President His Excellency Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta whose case was finally formally closed on the 13th of March 2015 due to lack of enough evidence . These series of acquitting of the initially named persons, has sent signals of a collapsing case in the face of many Kenyans. Majority of Kenyans believe that the Ocampo six had no case to answer at the ICC from the word go and that the labeling of such individuals was fostered and propagated by varied political interests among the Kenyan Politicians. I guess, that argument hold some little water, even though it is in contrary to the office of the ICC prosecutor’s argument that opines that, the recent collapse of Mr. Kenyatta’s case was as a result of the Kenyan government thwarting and sabotaging the whole process by failing to avail the crucial evidence that could be used against the reigning President His Excellency Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta.  Many would regard such statements as a below the belt utterances, devious and sneaky that ought not to come from such a globally revered office. I am not a lawyer by profession yes; however with my little insight on the principles of law and legal suits, I bet that it does not require intensive training in a law class set up in order to understand that the prosecutor and or the plaintiff ought to gather all the required evidence to be used against the defendant or accused (in good time) prior to the commencement of a case. And that during the actual hearing of a case in the presence of a jury, it should just be the plaintiff’s arguments and evidence against the accused’s alibi, defenses and or his/her lawyer’s arguments and or alibi. To that extent, I feel the office of the prosecutor failed miserably in their duty in handling Mr. Kenyatta’s case. I bet the office had ample time to gather all the required crucial evidence to use for Mr. Kenyatta’s case that is; if at all it felt that he (Mr. Kenyatta) surely had a case to answer at the International Criminal Court.  Why wait until when Mr. Kenyatta had assumed the supreme office of the land to start demanding for the crucial evidence to be used against him? Consider that as a rhetorical question.  It is guaranteed to point out that that would have been democracy at its best if the current government would have obliged to the demand of the prosecutor to produce evidence to be used against its Chief Executive Officer, the President. I bet it was in the wildest dreams of the office of the ICC prosecutor to believe that the Kenyan Government would have just cooperated smoothly and produced the purported crucial evidence (if any) to be used against His Excellency the President of the Republic of Kenya. Enough of reminiscing and the digression, regard all the above as beside the point and water under the bridge now. I am aware of the fact that a lot has been left unsaid regarding the same. Fast forward to the current scenario of the entire Kenyan 2007-2008 PEV case against humanity at the international criminal court (ICC). Out of the initial Ocampo Six, we are currently left with Bensouda’s two, who are: His Excellency, the Deputy President Hon. William Samoei Ruto and the former Kass fm journalist Mr. Joshua Arap Sang facing the same charges at the ICC, with the other four having been successfully let off the hook. I don’t know about you, but personally I feel, it is high time the ICC also absolved these two Kenyans from the malicious vindication. The shifts, twists and turns that has left only these two patriots bearing the cross of a whole nation is unfathomable, contemptible, misplaced and very abhorrent. Kenya is too big, I guess, for two individuals to bear full responsibility for the magnitude of crimes against humanity committed nationwide during the 2007-2008 Post Election Violence. Besides, there are also some factors that fanned the 2007-2008 skirmishes that left more than 1,333 Kenyans dead, more than 350,000 internally displaced and numerous millions-worth properties torched, looted and vandalized. Showing an unwavering intention and desire to crucify only this duo basing everything to the witnesses’ words is highly debatable and does not resonate well into the ears of many rational Kenyans. Kenya is a multi-ethnic state with approximately 42 different ethnic groups. Different ethnic groups rarely read from the same political script, the ethnic diversity has resulted into diversity in political ideologies and interests in this country hence constant tension when it is approaching the electioneering period, during and after the general elections. The evil and practice of negative ethnicity has taken root in Kenyan politics that it has resulted into a myriad of challenges that Kenyans are yet to triumph over. In my opinion, I attribute a good percentage of atrocities and evils committed during the Kenyan 2007-2008 PEV to the media, both the local and the international media. The local Kenyan media particularly failed miserably in ethical reporting and as a result Kenyans with obnoxious behaviorisms took advantage of the then situation. The Kenyan media lost in its role of ethical reporting and deliberately chose to blindly follow the footsteps of the international media that has always been on the verge to represent Africa as a dark continent that nothing good could come out of. I understand that proximity and absurdity among other factors are considered hot cakes in reporting of hard news under any context. However, proximity and or absurdity not-withstanding under any context, does not justify the need to override on the journalistic ethical considerations during reporting, more or so in fragile contexts such as the context witnessed in Kenya during the 2007-2008 Post Election Violence that required much tact and professionalism. Here is a brief recollection of what happened then, to support my arguments.  Whatever was going on in many parts of the country during that time started as mere acts of protests due to election debacle and disputed presidential results that saw the former President Hon Mwai Kibaki, [who vied on a Party of National Unity Alliance (PNU)] declared as the winner, by the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK). However, what we witnessed a few days later were well trained militia, outlawed sects and groups of crudely armed youths hunting members of opposing ethnic backgrounds for elimination and or eviction from their lands as a way of retaliation. The content of the media then is what actually fueled much intercommunity cleansing in various parts of the country. The footages and or pictures of houses and churches being torched, properties’ being looted and vandalized, people hacked by machetes and constant rows and running battles between rowdy youths and the police were the order of the then media houses. As a result, specific communities felt they were being targeted at specific regions in the country hence they resorted for violent retaliation. At the initial stages, the Kenyan media houses did not realize the magnitude of the harm they were causing to the country. In fact initially, they just thought it was business as usual, little did they know that sooner they were going to plunge the country into turmoil. As a result, within a few days major towns in the country were in turmoil. When the situation started getting out of hand, the Government was left with no choice but to intervene and issue a media censorship on all the local media houses from broadcasting the events that unfolded as a result of the then controversial elections. This was intended to foster restoration of peace and tranquility all over the country. Despite, the censorship on the local media houses, the international media continued airing the disturbing footages and stories regarding the then disputed general elections. Many Kenyans were curious and anxious after the censorship and wanted to keep abreast  with all that was transpiring across the country, so they switched channels to these international media broadcasters, mostly radio channels. This further intensified the chaos in some parts of the country. Just to clarify, these arguments do not rule out the fact that there could be chaotic instances in the country then, which could have been triggered by careless utterances of some politicians across the different political divides. However, as I initially pointed out above hereinto, a good percentage of the 2007-2008 PEV skirmishes, in my opinion were fanned by the unethical reporting by the media, both local and international. That said I’m aware of the fact that the affected families require justice. I am afraid our institutions then could not provide justice to these families before the matter skewed to un-proportionality; hence it compelled us to hurriedly push our matters to the ICC since we did not have faith in our institutions then. But again, will the crucifixion of the duo, (His Excellency, Deputy President William Samoei Ruto and his counterpart the former Kass Fm Journalist Joshua Arap Sang) be effective in serving justice to all the 2007-2008 PEV affected families? I doubt. In case these sacrificial lambs are imprisoned for whatever term, how significant will their imprisonment be to liberating Kenya from the shackles of divisive politics that has held us hostage over the years? In case you understand the context of Kenyan politics, you will agree with we, that in case the duo is imprisoned, the repercussion would shift gears from liberating and serving justice to rubbing salt on a wound. Hence the eventual result could be apocalyptic. I’m not trying to be pessimistic, but rather looking at both sides of the coin. In conclusion, I beseech ICC’s prosecutor’s office to abolish the case of the remaining two Kenyans since it currently serves Kenya no good and it is irrelevant. Instead it might just heighten unnecessary tension sooner or later among Kenyans.  On the other hand, I appeal to the current Jubilee Government to rise to the occasion and up their game in the endeavour to settle the internally displaced persons (IDPs) who are still living in tents. I feel a full day spent in a tent could seem like forever. How seriously everlasting then, is seven years living in such inhumane conditions? Speaking of justice, I believe, settling the IDPs, would be the most currently relevant, appealing and effective justice. Myself, just like other Kenyans within Kenya and in the diaspora regret the loss of approximately 1,333 Kenyans during the 2007-2008 skirmishes. Unfortunately no justice could be so befitting to bring back to life those fallen Kenyans.

On the Right Track

We at Suluhisho Trust are so much thrilled and excited by the fact that one of our girls, the eldest, Queenter Awuor is enrolling to high school level of education. Queenter, who is so much overwhelmed with joy, is going to spend her next four years of learning at Sinyolo Girl’s Boarding High School. Queenter Reported to her new temporary home today 11th February, 2015. This is an unprecedented achievement for our organization Suluhisho Trust Incorporated. We regard this transition, a significant milestone in our activities, since she is being the first among our children to go through the anticipated smooth transition from our in-house care to high school.  I dare declare that this is a vital Key Performance Indicator (KPI), signaling the fact that we are on the right course towards achieving our stipulated objectives, mission and eventual vision.

Kindly Resonate with the Below Excerpt Summary of What We Do Here at Suluhisho Trust Incorporated to spot the relation:

Suluhisho Trust Incorporated as an organization gives children the opportunity to build lasting relationships within a family within the precincts of the organization, we enable the minors we recruit into our institution to live according to their own indigenous cultures and religion, and we help them to recognize and express their individual abilities, interests and talents. We ensure that children receive the education and skills training they need to be eventual holistic successful and contributing members of society. In our endeavor to integrate children into these families, we try to train them to recognize and maintain their socio-cultural identities and ties. Suluhisho Trust Children’s village is strongly rooted to the following principles as blueprints for standardization of our activities, functionalities and operations collectively geared towards impacting on our children’s holistic development and growth:

  • Children are provided with a platform to actively participate in the family’s life and decisions
  • Nurturing of social and emotional development in these minors is strongly emphasized
  • Moral and Spiritual Development is supported ( only in line with the child’s cultural and religious values)
  • Strong and rewarding educational foundation is laid and continued through to adulthood
  • Recreational activities are strongly promoted
  • Physical health of children is keenly considered (through good nutrition, hygiene and physical activities). In addition, sex education, HIV/AIDS awareness, insights on substance use and misuse/abuse are constantly offered to the adolescents and youths.
  • Regular formal child’s development assessment is carried and reports done for consequential planning on relevant improvements and adjustments.
    Queen in Her Previous School Uniform and her new bag

    Queen in Her Previous School Uniform and her new bag


    Queen in Her Previous School Uniform and her new bag

    Queenter in the Company of our Director Mr. Antipas Ojwang and our Social Worker Mrs Mildred Omondi.

    Queenter in the Company of our Director Mr. Antipas Ojwang and our Social Worker Mrs Mildred Omondi.


    Queenter in the Company of our Director Mr. Antipas Ojwang and our Social Worker Mrs Mildred Omondi.


    Queenter in the Company of our Director Mr. Antipas Ojwang and our Social Worker Mrs Mildred Omondi.


    Queenter in the Company of our Director Mr. Antipas Ojwang and our Social Worker Mrs Mildred Omondi.


    Queenter in the Company of our Director Mr. Antipas Ojwang and our Social Worker Mrs Mildred Omondi.


Queenter in the Company of our Director Mr. Antipas Ojwang and our Social Worker Mrs Mildred Omondi.

On behalf of Suluhisho Trust Management and Team Kenya, I hereby send our shout outs to all our esteemed stakeholders, sponsors, donors, volunteers and the dedicated team of staff. Your input and unwavering commitment is so much appreciated, through your unrelenting and uncompromising efforts we are here today. We are so much grateful.

9 Flirty Texts to Send to your Crush

woman2A crush is hard to come by.If you are privileged to have come across one person who charmed you up, just from the blues, count yourself lucky, not many people come by their crush easily, despite our frequent travels and trips, socializing, partying and revelling.

Count yourself luckier if on your first encounter with your crush you had the guts to request for his/her digits and your request was granted. Not many individuals got the guts to make that courageous move at the very first encounter. Most individuals normally shy away in the name of waiting for; anticipating for a next time or next encounter with their crush to confirm if it is true “the crush is really the crush”. Let me spell it out for you, a crush is confirmed in a spur of time, the moment you just lay your eyes on them. That next time you anticipate, may or may not come to pass, so listen to your heart, subdue your fears,doubts and or apprehension then make that bravest move and hit on them, but just casually at first.

Getting flirtatious with your crush in texts is just one effective way of sending out a signal to them saying “I need more of you” however, try to be cautious, employ much tact and read between lines on the responses you get from the just simple texts you send. Below are some of the flirty texts that may just win over your crush to you without necessarily hitting formally on them:

  1. Hey You 🙂

Though simple, but with an accompaniment of a smiley emoticon, this text is very effective. Not only does it act as a better conversation starter, it sets the mood for the conversation that is to follow.

  1. You are cute/hot

Acknowledging your first encounter, appreciate them. Mention how hot/cute they were in their outfit during your first encounter. Be able to correctly point out the details of the outfit. Say how pleasurable meeting them was to you. Mention how you felt about seeing them. Mention your desire to meet them again.

  1. Can’t Stop Thinking About U

Most individuals would smile getting this text from their crush regardless of the then prevailing moods. Make use of the power of this statement even as you still keep it low keys. You would have scored a fortune in their hearts. Mention to your crush how you cannot get their images outta your head.

  1. Great day ahead 🙂

Wish them a great day ahead with a smiley emoji. Remember to send this text just after you wake up. Get them knowing that they are the first thing on your mind when you wake up.

  1. I thought of you

Mention how in the middle of doing something, their memories crossed your mind and you stopped to think about them. This text brings your crush on board. Besides setting the conversation rolling between you, it makes your crush want to find out the details of the thought, so they’ll ask the How? Why?

  1. I dreamt about you

Makes your crush intrigued, it also makes them want to find out what the dream was about, to try and deal with the mystery in their minds. When that happens, obviously the conversation shall flow.

  1. What are you up to now?

This is most appropriate during; breaks from work say 10 in the morning or 1pm during lunch break and more conveniently at night just before bed time. During such times the text can lead to more conversation between you.

  1. You Don’t Wanna Miss Out

Think of an upcoming event or activity that most likely won’t coincide with their schedules. Emphasize on how much fun the event or activity would offer. Invite them over. This is a super cute way of asking your crush out while still keeping it low key.

  1. How about a hang-out this weekend/holiday?

Make your crush feel that his/her opinion heavily counts. Suggest a casual hang-out treat for him/her in the company of his/her friends. Offer to pick them up rather than wanting them to join you at the agreed venue.